09 September, 2008

World Federation

Our sinking Titanic...
(A catastrophic event might arouse us from our lethargy.)
Professional Engineering, 13 Aug 2008
(Published on-line only)

We need World Government
(An answer to the Arms Bazaar.)
Professional Engineering, 9 July 2008

An Idea to Save the World
(Survival of life on this planet.)
UNESCO Courier, Jan 1990

האלטרנטיבה: ממשל עולמי
קריאה לאנשים בעלי רצון טוב
(Call to awake from our trance.)
Technion Journal, Jan 1986

An Alternative to Omnicide
(We, the people, care about the future of mankind.)
New Outlook, Oct 1986

Call for World Federation
(Watching the progress of the tragedy.)
JP, 8 Dec 1985

People Care about the Future
(World Federation is the only alternative.)
Research & Development, Nov 1984

תחנות כוח גרעיניות
(About the dangers of Nuclear Power Stations.)
Ha'aretz, 15 March 1977

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