09 September, 2008

The Israeli-Arab Peace Process

Two troubling Questions
To Professor Alan Dershowitz
March 2010

Heretic Reflections
YAKINTON, February 2010
(German and Hebrew)

Settlement freezes & male cows
Settlement freeze: mere eyewash...
JP, 4 Dec 2009

TalkBack on Adam Keller's Blog
Ending Occupation is in Zionist Interest
26 Oct 2009

Beware of Israeli Flippancy
JP, 7 Aug 2009
In response to Sarah Honig's
anti-Obama article

Ways to make peace
Ha'aretz, 5 August 2009
Commenting on Prof. Shlomo Avineri's
dismissal of Geneva Agreement:
"That's no way to make peace"

English version of
5 August letter

Ways to make peace

Professor Avineri's Response
Herzl and Jerusalem
Haaretz, 9 Aug 2009


JP, 28 June 2009
About uniform Israeli thinking

The Original Version
Wall-to-wall agreement

Hardly Conformist
JP, 30 June 2009


(Aktuelle Fragen)
Questions (unanswered) to Col. (Res.) Moshe Elad, following lecture at Pisgat Chen, early January 2009

Initiative "Made in Israel"
Call for Israeli Peace Initiative
(not published)
JP, 24 Feb 2009

Fantasy on Election Day 2009

JP, 5 Feb 2009 (Not Published)

Talkback: Their Dreams - and Ours...

Ynet, 27 Jan 2009

Response to “Start with the Palestinians” by Col. Moshe Elad

(Instead of pressing Israel, Obama should first present tough questions to Palestinians)


A viable Palestinian state
(Commenting on interview with Prof. Ruth Gavison)
JP, 16 Jan 2009
The original Palestinians. A response by Aryeh Newman
Also: Final paragraph of article by Naomi Chazan: "Crossroads"
JP, 23 Jan 2009

מדינתנו היהודית והדמוקרטית
Our Jewish and Democratic State
(Response to interview with Prof. Ruth Gavison, Musaf Ha'aretz 2 Jan 2009)
Call for open debate on our Israeli peace policy

In Israel, 70 years later
(Jewish parents deny Arab girl place in Day Center)
Ha'aretz, 25 Dec 2008

Dubious Headline
(Response to JP headline about new smart IAF bomb)
JP, 15 Dec 2008

What was so bad?

Note: the original headline was Rejected Peace Plan (1982)
(Rather than 'inept' and 'flawed', the rejected Reagan Plan was a fair basis for negotiation)
JP, 7 Dec 2008

Toward a Jewish Minority
Note: The original headline was Palestine with Jewish Minority
(Proposal to allow Jewish Minority in Palestinian state)
JP, 24 Nov 2008

Case of Collective Dementia
(Our collective memory focuses on the negative statements of our enemies)
JP, 21 Nov 2008. Not published

פניה אל אנשי השפעה
Response to article by Prof. Ruth Gavison (6 Nov 2008):
Appeal to people of influence, to speak up loud and clearly,
during the approaching election campaign.

... the real story
(Demand for realistic alternative.)
JP, 10 Oct 2008

Vor 90 Jahren und Heute
1917 Reflections projected to our present day situation.
MB-Yakinton, April 2008

The U.S. must guide Israel to pull out
(Haim Cohn & Gideon Levy.)
Ha'aretz, 8 Jan 2008

Jews in Palestine. Why not?
(Yes, under Palestinian sovereignty.)
JP, 14 Jan 2008

Stated, on the record...
(To David Kimche: Yes, some thought so, already 27 years ago...)
JP, 2 Jun 2008

Apropos 2008: Tucholsky 1931...
Heim Express, Jan 2008

Haim Cohn & Max Lieberman
(Two memorable quotes...)
Heim Express, Sep 2007

Who's out of touch?
(Arens: 'Discrimination between citizens'.)
JP, 3 Sep 2007

Gesucht: Israelische Friedensinitiative
ראוי להזדרז וליזום שיחות-שלום
(An early end of the occupation is in our national interest."
Yakinton-MB, March 2007

"Stop the Jewish barbarians in Hebron" by Yosef (Tommy) Lapid. JP, 18 Jan 2007
('According to law', does not necessarily mean that it is 'legal') JP, 22 Jan 2007

Faint Praise
(Where is that 'praise'?)
JP, 26 Feb 2007

Give Nusseibeh credit
(Could it be that those 'moderates' are our 'most potent threat'?)
JP, 11 May 2007

Let Realism rule...
(Call for dramatic and realistic Israeli Initiative.)
JP, 30 Jan 2006

לשון חד משמעית
(The Mandate stated: A Jewish Homeland in Palestine...)
Mossaf Ha'aretz, 25 Feb 2005

'Victories' we can do without
(About our shortsighted leaders of 1973.)
JP, 11 Oct 2004

Comment: Going for a D9 [bulldozer] solution
The Bibi factor - pullout and politics,
Ha'aretz, August 2004

Leave the Homes for Palestinians
(Plea not to demolish homes and synagogues of Katif Block)
JP, 1 Aug 2004

Die Genfer Initiative
(About fossilised leaders, and an indoctrinated people...)
MB, June 2004

Thanks, Mr Hertzberg!
(Advocates US pressure on Israel.
Like Justice Haim Cohn did before him...)
JP, 8 Sep 2003

Danke, Nein!
(No need for Ministry of Propaganda or Gleichschaltung...)
MB, July 2001

Fighting a Lost Battle
(Reply to American reader: "You are way out of date!")
JP, 19 Dec 1999

מפת שלום
(The aim should be to create a situation in which both sides will wish to honour the agreement.)
Ha'aretz, 9 Jan 1998

A Solution Both Just and Possible
(Proposal to solve the settlement issue.)
Palestine-Israel Journal, #2, 1997

We Must Listen to the Other Side
("Both sides have undeniable rights here.")
Reflector, Richmond VA, 1 Sep 1997

Israeli Responds To Letter
("... we Israelis on our part, should forget about Nablus and Hebron")
Reflector, Richmond VA, 15 May 1997

ניצחון הציונות
(Mistake to dismiss Arab readiness to be content with 20% of Mandatory Palestine.)
Ha'aretz, 28 Feb 1997

Third Way
(Unique 'territorial compromise'.)
JP, 25 Oct 1995

Tommy Lapid
(Unexpected support for Muslim rights in Jerusalem)
JP, 10 Aug 1995

Advice to the Settlers
(Proposal to let settlers remain, under Palestinian sovereignty)
Jerusalem Report, 6 April 1995

Victory of Zionism
(Recalling Begin's 1977 program for Palestinian self-rule.)
JP, 5 Feb 1995

Jewish-Arab Coexistence
(Mitzna after Hebron massacre.)

JP, 13 March 1994

Israel Prize
(Proposal: Avnery, Eliav & Leibowitz)
JP, 1 Oct 1993

אסד לא השתנה
(Already in 1975 Assad offered peace in exchange for comprehensive agreement)
Ha'aretz, 28 April 1993

לשאת ולתת על הכל
(Israel should declare its intentions.)
Ha'aretz, 19 March 1993

About Rabin & Churchill...
JP, 21 June 1992

Wanted: A New Approach
(After Gulf War: Dramatic Government Statement)
JP, 7 March 1991

Exhausting the Alternatives?
(PM: Israeli peace plan premature)
JP, 4 March 1991

Condemnation of Murder
(Palestinian leaders had expressed regret)
JP, 21 Aug 1990

Avoid Past Mistakes
(Sadat was ready for peace in 1971)
JP, 11 May 1990

New POST Management
(Beware of becoming like Albania or N.Korea.)
JP, 16 Jan 1990

About Patriotism
JP, 4 Feb 1990

Facing the Facts
(Why we should negotiate with the PLO.)
JP, 1 Nov 1989

Start Talking
(Letter of Support) JP, 16 Nov 1989

"Flat Earth" Policy
(Bold initiative, while still in bargaining position)
New Outlook, March 1989

Bowing to the Inevitable
(20 years ago we would have danced with joy.)
JP, 3 March 1989

Lahat May Be Right
(Right-wing government may be more successful advancing peace process...)
JP, 28 Sep 1988

The Three Noes
(Our Three Israeli Noes)
JP, 15 May 1988

Let Us Stretch Out Our Hand
(To take initiative while in bargaining position.)
JP International Edition, 23 Jan 1988

Israel's Worries
(Reflections from the Arctic Region)
JP, 9 Sep 1987

Rumours and Denials
JP, 15 Dec 1986

A delicate Question
(PLO offered to endorse SCR 242 &338.)
JP, 6 Aug 1986

Perfect Harmony
(Mutual unwillingness to recognize the other.)
JP, 21 March 1986

Why not talk to the PLO?
(Peace must be concluded with the enemy.)
JP International Edition, 9 Nov 1985

What are we waiting for?
(Prince Hassan of Jordan: "Peace is within reach")
JP, 6 March 1985

Peace with Assad
(Challenging Dr Maoz's opinion doubting Syria's readiness for peace with Israel)
JP, 26 March 1985

Salute to Darousha
(A miserable bunch of cowards)
JP, 12 Dec 1984

שלום ללא טראומה
(Our disregard for Arab peace feelers)
Ha'olam Haze, 16 Oct 1984

Courage and Wisdom
(Response to Sari Nusseibe's call for an equitable settlement)
JP, 7 June 1984

Boycott them unless they merge
(Fragmentation of Peace Camp)
New Outlook, May 1984

Military Superiority
(Not permanent. Negotiate while strong!)
New Outlook, March 1984

Walid Khalidy
(Israeli boycott of Conference at Atlanta University, because Harvard Professor Walid Khalidy was invited.)
JP, 11 Nov 1983

Apt Reminder
(Centuries of oppression by Christians...)
JP, 5 Oct 1982

The Finnish Example
(Finnish coexistence with USSR, as example for our situation vis a vis the Arab world))
JP, 27 Nov 1981

Call for an Israeli Peace Offensive
(Proposal for Government Statement)
JP, 8 Nov 1981

Walid Khalidi's outline for solution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict
New Outlook, April 1981

Alternative to a Nightmare
(Lova Eliav)
JP, 13 Jan 1981

Image and Imagination
JP, 19 Dec 1979

Arthur Waskow
JP, 8 Jan 1980

Egyptian Visitors
JP, 29 Dec 1980

Israeli Responses...
New Outlook, June 1980

Peace with our Neighbours
JP, 14 May 1980

Dream of Security or Reality
JP, 16 Jan 1979

Questions to Prof. Arens
New Outlook, Jan 1979

Nasser's Peace Offer (1970)
JP, 11 Jan 1978

Rejected Readers' Letters.
New Outlook, October 1977

How early is early?
JP, 20 Oct 1977
Note: Sadat arrived in Jerusalem on 19 Nov 1977!

United Peace Group Needed
JP, 13 March 1977

The Jacobson Trip.
JP, 7 Jan 1977

Party Platforms — and Policy
("... our leaders are either kidding themselves or misleading the public")
JP, 26 Aug 1976

American Mideast Policy.
JP, 22 Aug 1976


A Correspondence with our Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MoF), Jerusalem
Only after the intervention of the State Comptroller was there any response

To Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information Division, Jerusalem
20 Sep 1975, Comments on our Information policy

To the State Comptroller,
15 Nov 1975,
Reporting on mediocrity of MoF

From MoF,
26 Nov 1975. Apology for delay in reply.

To Mof,
29 Nov 1975. My reply.

From State Comptroller,
11 Dec 1975.
Confirms that there is ground for my complaint.

MoF has started to act.

From MoF,
18 Dec 1975,
Would welcome ideas for influencing public opinion abroad.

To MoF,
27 Dec 1975
Proposal to emphasize Ambassador Herzogs recent reminder of Israel's 1967 Peace Proposal

From MoF,
5 Jan 1976
They intend to adopt my suggestion to include our 1967 proposal in future editions of "Towards Peace".

From State Comptroller,
12 Jan 1976
Reporting on my correspondence with MoF.

To State Comptroller,
17 Jan 1976.

My thanks for their intervention.


OPEN LETTER to the Jerusalem Post
Addressed to Prof. Josef NEDAVA, Haifa University
14 Feb 1976 (not published)
About a recent Seminar for International Relations.
Commenting on aspects of our Israeli Information efforts.

Bold Peace Initiative.
JP, 24 Sep 1975

אפשרויות לשלום עם הערבים
(Possibilities for Peace)
Ha'aretz, 26 Dec 1974

אשליה עצמית
Ha'aretz, 18 Oct 1974

Peace Hints — 1970.
JP, 22 Oct 1974

Pressure for Peace
(The Likud-Yasser Arafat solution of a "Greater Israel with full civic rights for the Arabs", alias a "Democratic Palestine".)
JP, 12 Sep 1974

Nasser & Peace.
JP, 16 June 1970
Not published

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