09 September, 2008

About our Family

AHLEM - Einst Gartenbauschule, heute "Café Jerusalem"
(AHLEM - Once school for horticulture, today "Café Jerusalem")
HEIM EXPRESS, September 2009

AHLEM - Einst Gartenbauschule, heute "Café Jerusalem"

So wurde es vor 70 Jahren in Zwickau berichtet

(Recalling the 1938 Pogromnacht, in Zwickau 70 years ago)

HEIM EXPRESS, January 2009

Vor 90 Jahren und Heute
A letter written in 1917 by a Jewish soldier in the German army
MB, April 2008

Synagogengemeinde BECKUM
Website in Memory of the Former Jewish Community in Beckum
Heim Express, Sep 2007

Geboren 1942 in Berlin, gefunden nach 60 Jahren
About a cousin who survived in Berlin's Jewish Hospital
Heim Express, March 2007

Jakob Raphael: Von Posen - über Geseke - nach Israel
(Jack had been teacher in Geseke during 1923/24)
Geseke Heimatblätter, November 2003

From "Nowhere in Africa" to Somewhere in Israel
A Film Review and a Zionist Critique
Israel Horizon, Fall 2003

השבדים ב-1938 (ומאוחר יותר)

Fairness to Sweden's WW2 record
MB, Oct 2000

Camp de Gurs Pessach 1941
Postcard from Kurt Raphael, dated 25 March 1941
MB, May 2000

Jack Raphael - Biography
Windmüller Window (Newsletter of the
Windmüller Family)
Spring 2000

Varmt tack till Sverige för sex år av vänlighet
(Sweden's stand during WW2 was highly credible.)
Göteborgs Posten, 9 March 2000

In Memory of Hugo Krick
Tribüne, Heft 150, 1999

"Wir danken Hugo Krick für seine Freundschaft"
On the death of Hugo Krick
Die GLOCKE, Beckum, Feb 1999

Hundert Jahre hinterher...
Written by Jack Raphael (1897 - 1971) in 1956, on the 100th anniversary of Heine's death.
Published with French translation in 1997
Exhibition on 200th anniversary of Heine's birth

Beckum Ausgangspunkt für eine Odyssee mit glücklichem Ende.
Kontakt zum Geburtsort durch Hugo Krick.
(ZR- Biographical Notes.)
Die Glocke, 23 Sep 1995

Alice, Swiss Nurse 1945
Reunion in Haifa, after 49 years
Jerusalem Post, 2 Sep 1994

My Rabbi-uncle at the Beer-Sheba shuk
JP, 29 March 1984
Not published



In Memory of the Former Jewish Community in BECKUM


Growing up in THE THIRD REICH
(1927 - 1939)

WW1 Letter written by JACOB RAPHAEL

Odds'n Ends

... Thoughtless Criticism (of Pope's Yad Vashem visit)
JP, 13 May 2009

Gronemann: Ein Gespräch mit Struck
(Sammy Gronemann: A conversation with Hermann Struck)
Yakinton, March 2008

Hazards of Volunteering
(You are only considered a “volunteer” if prior to your volunteering you were directed by “a body appointed by law, or approved by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare as authorized to direct volunteers [to volunteer work]”.)
JP, 18 Feb 1999

השיטה ההונגרית
(Non-egalitarian name usage.)
Mosaf Ha'aretz, 7 Oct 1994

Histadrut Voting Rights
(Separate Histadrut voting rights from Sick Fund membership.)
JP, 23 Jan 1990

De Haan's Life and Views
(He was a member of the Zionist Organization!)
JP, 19 Aug 1984

מה התשואה האמיתית בקופות הגמל של בל"ל
(About bank charges.)
Ha'aretz, 25 March 1992

Public Opinion Polls
Restricted to Jewish Sector of the Israeli Public
New Outlook, November 1979

Not even on the Date can one rely...
Ha'aretz, 22 Nov 1976

שיטה אומללה
(Fictional travel allowance)
Ha'aretz, 4 Feb 1976

Brigadier Kisch
(About his career.)
JP, 19 May 1974

מידגם לא מייצג
(Non-representative Sample)
About Opinion Polls excluding Arab Israelis
Ha'aretz, 7 Sept 1973

Asian and proud of it
(We are not Europeans.)
JP, 4 May 1972

"Maxillo-racial Surgery"
(What is a "racial surgeon"?)
JP, 4 Jan 1971

Fel om Korea?
(About life in Korea.)

Tidningen VI, 17 April 1971

World Federation

Our sinking Titanic...
(A catastrophic event might arouse us from our lethargy.)
Professional Engineering, 13 Aug 2008
(Published on-line only)

We need World Government
(An answer to the Arms Bazaar.)
Professional Engineering, 9 July 2008

An Idea to Save the World
(Survival of life on this planet.)
UNESCO Courier, Jan 1990

האלטרנטיבה: ממשל עולמי
קריאה לאנשים בעלי רצון טוב
(Call to awake from our trance.)
Technion Journal, Jan 1986

An Alternative to Omnicide
(We, the people, care about the future of mankind.)
New Outlook, Oct 1986

Call for World Federation
(Watching the progress of the tragedy.)
JP, 8 Dec 1985

People Care about the Future
(World Federation is the only alternative.)
Research & Development, Nov 1984

תחנות כוח גרעיניות
(About the dangers of Nuclear Power Stations.)
Ha'aretz, 15 March 1977