09 September, 2008


Ha'aretz, 1996

Weizmann vs Herzl
(Countering Weizmann's claim of Jerusalem's unique sanctity for Jews)
JP, 27 Jan 2008

Herzl's Solution
(Let Jerusalem be united, open to all and belonging to all its inhabitants, without borders and barbed wire.)
JP, 14 June 2004

Jerusalem: A great partnership for culture and morality.
MB, Feb 2001

Herzl Speaks
(Herzl proposed to exterritorialise Jerusalem.)
JP, 19 Sep 2000

Herzl and Jerusalem
(Herzl, that 'unrealistic dreamer', would have found a solution for Jerusalem.)
New Outlook, Nov 1991

A 'Vaticanised' Jerusalem
(How could anyone object to a 'vaticanised' Old City, open to everybody — within the framework of a Peace Agreement.)
The Jewish Herald, Johannesburg, 22 Oct 1974

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