09 September, 2008

Our relations with Germany

Jerusalem Post, 2 Nov 1999

Ueber Schweigen und Dialog
Zwei Neue Buecher von Alexandra Senfft:
"Schweigen tut weh...", und
"Fremder Feind, so nah"
Heim Express, Jan/Feb 2010
Die Enkelin mit dem deutschen Pass
(Granddaughter with German Passport)

הנכדה והדרכון הגרמני
(Hebrew version of the above
"Granddaughter with German Passport")

האזרחות לא נשללה
German Citizenship 1935
Yediot Aharonot, 20.3.2006
Response to article by B. Michael

The Colonel (Roessner) & the Banker (Dr Abs)
JP, 30 May 2002

The Wehrmacht
Ha'aretz, 26 Nov 1999

Sam Orbaum on Dr Abs
JP, 18 Nov 1999

Der sonderbare Fall Hermann Abs
MB, Nov 98

Lest we forget
Krupp & Jerusalem Conference Center JP, 24 Nov 1999

Thyssen & Dr Abs
Tribüne & Haaretz, 1996

הדסה משתפת פעולה עם מוסד גרמני במחקר הממומן על יד קרן של פושע נאצי
Hadassa honours Dr Abs
"Yerushalayim", 13 Dec 1996

Krupp & Siemens
Tribüne, 1995

The Case of Hermann ABS
JP, 18 May 1986

הגיבור היהודי - מומר
German Air Force Camp named after Jew Ma'ariv, 29 Jan 1974

"The Banker and the Power"
The Case of Hermann Josef ABS

24 Dec 1970

The Abs Story
Page 1

The Abs Story
Page 2

The Abs Story
Page 3

The Abs Story
Page 4

The Abs Story
Page 5

The Abs Story

The Abs Story
Page 7

Your letters are "not suitable for publication".
The Editor of the JP, 20 May 1969

Attacks against US President (LBJ) are permitted.
But not against convicted German war criminal.

JP, 2 Feb 1969
Not published

Postscript: The charges against ABS
are confirmed by Lord Russel of Liverpool

JP, 21 Jan 1969
Not published

Protest at red-carpet treatment for Doktor Hermann ABS
JP, 15 Jan 1969
Not published

VE-day 1968
JP, 20 May 1968

Konrad Adenauer
JP, May 1966
Not published

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