09 September, 2008

The Holocaust

Musikboykott: Strauss und Wagner
המוסיקה של שטראוס והמוסיקה של ואגנר
(The ex-president of the Reichskulturkammer has become kasher, while Wagner who died 50 years before 1933, is till taboo.)
MB, Mai 2006

Sweden's White Buses
(Swedish Red Cross saved lives of 10,000 Jews.)
JP, 2 July 2004

Unfair to Sweden
(Sweden's war record was more than honorable.)
JP, 11 Feb 2003

Wagner and Herzl
(Wagner had inspired Herzl.)
22 March 2002

Herzl was a Wagner Fan
(We should be aware of the real war criminals, rather than wasting our energy on a spiritual ancestor of Nazi ideology.)
JP, 13 May 2001

The Wagner Controversy
(Suggesting more suitable subject for protest, than music boycott.)
JP, 4 Nov 1981

Krupp Yes, Wagner No
(About the absurdity of rejecting Wagner while accepting Krupp.)
JP, 23 Dec 1981

Bernadotte Saved Jews
(Rejection of recent claims that the murder was justified.)
JP, 28 Sep 1978

הרצל אהב אופרה של וואגנר
(Herzl wrote that Tannhäuser was his favourite musical composition.)
Ha'aretz, 11 July 1974

Theory explaining rejection of Wagner
(Wagner is dead,— and not in a position to present us with a decent cheque.)
Ha'aretz, 24 June 74. Not published

Holocaust eye-witness in Berlin
(In context of the Eichmann-trial, a note of a forgotten book about the Holocaust that was published in Sweden in 1943.)
JP, 9 Dec 1966

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